Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Make me talk about you!

Recent customer service experiences have me questioning why great service remains so elusive for many companies. Too much has been written on the topic for companies to still be so mediocre. Here is my latest list on what needs to be done to move past mediocre to buzz worthy.

Give these simple steps a try to get your customers talking about you –

1. Be kind. Manners count.
2. No surprises. Employ expectation management upfront for fewer calls and contacts later.
3. Know me. Show you know my history with your company.
4. Reduce my hassle factor. Don’t ask me for the same information twice – my
name, account number, issue.
5. Make my life easier. Follow up as you promise and be proactive.
6. Be different. Create a positive experience that is memorable and one that will get customers talking about you.

Simple does not mean easy to achieve. Yet staying on the sidelines of the customer service revolution is not the place to be. Get in the game to get customers talking about your company and its service.