Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Four Things to Stop Doing to Make the Customer Experience Better

The customer experience is all about doing things that will be memorable and of value to
the customer. Start with the basics and fundamentals. Once you have gotten them right, you
will have earned the customer’s trust and repeat business. To keep them loyal, break out
and be different. There are plenty of companies offering what you offer, so be decidedly
different. With that being said, there are things you must STOP doing if you want to
stand out.

1. Stop asking the customer to repeat information they have told you already. This
includes asking them to repeat identifying information already keyed in while
listening to prompts. Make certain transfers are smooth and seamless by sharing
key information with the next team member. Repetition only increases the
frustration factor.

2. Stop having all employees greet the customer when entering a bricks and mortar
store. Let one do it and then stop. It is amazing how employees are being asked
to look up from a current customer conversation or transaction to yell across the
floor to the just arrived customer. It is rude to the current customer and feels odd
to the one crossing the threshold.

3. Stop being oblivious and unaware. Get your team to recognize and learn current
customers. Encourage them to check the database and acknowledge the customer
specifically. If your team serves customers in person, show you know them. Learn
names and make connections.

4. Stop being scripted. Customers want a real person delivering sincere service.
Allow your team to build a relationship and use judgment. If you have hired and
trained well, then trust them to deliver memorable experiences.
There are plenty of things all organizations need to start doing but you start by stopping
certain irritating behaviors. It just gives the customer a chance to think about taking their
business to the competition.

What would you like for companies to stop doing?