Monday, June 14, 2010

Do Your Customer’s Know Your Employees Names?

Are you good or great? A  good business is where the employees know their customer’s name but a great business is when the customer knows the employee’s names. Which is true of your organization?

Loyalty is created when the employee delivers a memorable and emotional service experience. A service experience that stands out can be the reason a customer will know and remember the employee’s name. This starts with an engaged employee. Engaged means connected to the business, feeling a sense of purpose in their job, and understanding how their actions affect the entire organization including hearing feedback about their performance.

When you engage your employees, you have a much greater chance of them engaging the customer. Nothing is foolproof but it is an excellent start.

Be a GREAT business where customers know your employee’s name

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Customers Need Reasons to Be Loyal

In a commodity world, customer loyalty is harder to achieve. Customers want you to stand out and earn their trust. Here is a list of strategies to create a customer centric organization.

1.      Get to know the customer. Listen and show you have listened. Deepen the relationship with your knowledge of them and their buying habits.

2.      Be the editor for the customer. Help them through choices and information. Have knowledgeable team members give them expert advice. Your team members should have more answers than the customer has questions…..or at least have access to easily finding the answers.

3.      Simplify the customer’s life. Are your processes designed for the ease and convenience of the customer? This is a not a new question but it is time to revisit it. Make your processes and systems fast and responsive to your customer’s unique needs.

4.      Connect with the customer. Prove you are in a relationship and customize to each individual customer. You can no longer be all things to all customers.

5.      Surprise the customer. Call and check in, follow up, provide unexpected useful information – do something to show you are thinking about them. Reward their loyalty by doing the unexpected extra.

Customers are creatures of habit and would rather not take their business elsewhere. Use these strategies and they will stick with you.