Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Customer Love – It’s in the Details

Customers want to like you. They want to feel appreciated and do repeat business with you. With most products and services, customers want a relationship not a transaction. So what are you doing to show them a little love?

Love is in the details. Here are recent interactions that created a memorable experience.

  1. Delta Airlines sent a letter after a recent flight apologizing for my seat assignment - the “dreaded” middle seat.  I don’t like the middle seat especially on a four hour flight. However the letter acknowledging this inconvenience made a difference.

  1. While checking out at Trader Joe’s, the cashier reminded me to drive safely in the heavy rain. He was real, sincere and in the moment. Trader Joe’s gets a lot of things right.

  1. Panera’s loyalty program is full of surprises. You never know what or when you will get a reward. The reward has to be used in 90 days so you are pretty likely to return sooner than later. The simple stuff works.

  1. When having a hard drive restored recently,  Data Savers, Inc. impressed us with continuous email updates on their progress and success. It was unlike any we had experienced with other companies. This personalized approach added value to this technical service.

  1. And then there is Zappos. A recent order confirmation was written in very clever and fun language. They included a phone number and signed off with XOXO (hugs and kisses).

Now that’s LOVE.