Thursday, August 30, 2012

Customer Experience Counts

Customer experience is a tough concept to define. It is designed and delivered by the company yet defined
by the customer. According to research and customer conversations, the experience can be the reason for
defection or loyalty. You must make it your priority to keep improving the experience so you create an
engaged and loyal customer. The best organizations are constantly tweaking their customer experience.

To be at your best, here are strategies to put in place. The reality is most of you will think you already have
these in place. I challenge you to review how well they are being implemented on a daily basis.

1. Are you easy to like?
- Nice counts
- Hire a likable team. Customers are much happier to give money to someone likeable.
- Be kind and respectful

2. There is no substitute for a real connection.
- Eliminate the scripts
- If you’ve hired and trained well, allow your team to use their common sense.
- Great data “married” with common sense will create satisfied customers. The connection
comes when using the data to show customers you know them.

3. It is time to really listen to the customer.
- The customer is talking to you via many channels. How are using “their voice?”
- Use their input to make appropriate improvements.
- Showing you are listening engages the customer and drives loyalty.

The reality is you must get the basics right first. Once you have a reliable, responsive process to serve the
customer, it is time to work on creating a memorable experience. Get moving on doing not just talking
about it.