Monday, March 29, 2010

Make It Personal

It is time to get personal. Customers are over a purely generic, impersonal experience with your organization. Your goal is to remember a customer’s preferences and show them you remember.
Team members need to connect with the customer – like the barista who knows your preferred drink much like Amazon who recommends a book and the financial advisor who reminds you of tax reporting information in a timely manner. For companies of all sizes, a great client tracking system can supply this information. Hold employees accountable for creating this positive personalized experience.

A great experience is not always so easy to identify, however a poor service experience is! 
Poor service is putting customers on long wait times, asking them to repeat information and not following up as promised. Customers are less forgiving than ever. The good news is customers can be more loyal than ever when you give them to reason to be so.

Your challenge is to personalize, anticipate and engage them. When the customer finishes dealing with your organization, consider what they might tweet or post on Facebook. Make the experience so good that their influence is only positive. Now go get personal today.

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