Monday, January 23, 2012

The 4 Customer “Must Haves”

Let me state the obvious - customers are very demanding and
extremely tough to satisfy. The best companies are trying to figure
out how to stay one step ahead of the fickle customer. And although
there are many initiatives and “must haves”, however let’s start with
this short list –

1. Deliver the product or service right the first time. Be
consistent. Be reliable. This means looking at processes,
systems and the skills of your people. Getting the basics
right solves most of your issues and can create very loyal
customers. Customers love one contact and no hassles.

2. Make it easy. Multichannel access is a must. You know this
but what you know needs to match the reality of how you are
engaging your customers. Customer’s desire for transparency
is here to stay. They like the access to information and
knowledge of how your company works. The customer
knows how to work the system, you better be connected and
responsive – fast is the operative word.

3. Have fixes ready. Customers want problems fixed fast. It is
likely unhappy customers are on hold with your call centers
while tweeting their dissatisfaction. Have real people ready
with real answers – not scripts. Your representatives are the
voice and ambassador of your company. Use them wisely to
amp up customer loyalty.

4. Give them a reason to return. Customers want a memorable
experience. They will tell others and become your advocate.
With customers becoming so savvy, the world is now your
competition. Customers compare all service experiences not
just ones in your industry. Stop talking about improving the
experience and strengthen the relationship, start doing it.

Your team holds the keys to making the experience one that
creates positive buzz.

Customers are picky, demanding and impatient. Their “must
haves” will drive them to shop around. Make certain your service
will have them stick with you for the long haul.

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