Monday, June 17, 2013

A Customer-Focused Culture is about Consistency

Customers want a consistent service experience. It seems like that would be easy
to deliver yet it is not the norm. Since it is not the norm, consistency becomes a
 customer differentiator. Check how well you deliver consistency with these strategies.

1. Be reliable. Get it right the first time. Whatever the customer needs, they want
you to be reliable and accurate. Customers don’t want to deal with an organization
multiple times due to your shortcomings. Deliver what you promise.

2. No surprises – unless they are positive ones. Most surprises are ones where the
company does not deliver as promised. Surprises can include interactions with
challenging employees, lack of follow-up, and slow responses to social media
communication. Surprises often create angry and vocal customers. Look at your
consistency in service standards and processes.

3. Team members “on board” with customer focus. Customers want to deal with
competent and caring employees. Your employees are a reflection of your culture.
They are the voice of your company and your best ambassadors. Don’t script
them but make certain they are armed with great information and empowered
to personalize their responses. Allow them to anticipate and act in ways that
drive customer loyalty. The consistency must be in hiring, training and coaching

Consistency is a selling point and a source of repeat business. Customers want simplicity,
ease and no hassles. Make consistency a strategy and a foundation of your customer-
focused culture.

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