Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Boy, was I surprised!

Customers expect you to do the big stuff right the first time. But the way to win their heart is to surprise them with the little stuff. Your goal is to create a positive customer experience that deepens the relationship.

Here are 3 surprises that happened to me over the last two weeks –

* One of my favorite Atlanta restaurants is Bacchanalia, . It is an expensive special occasion place. All through the meal, you are given unexpected gifts from the chefs. On my recent visit those items included a special soup, chocolates, a smoothie and cookies. But here is the real kicker, Bacchanalia operates a food shop and bakery during the day. So as guests leave the restaurant, a staff person hands out a bag of goodies from the bakery. Our bag was filled with a loaf of walnut cherry bread. Our friends received cupcakes and a baguette. What a lasting impression to an already stellar evening!
* I ordered a pair of shoes from Zappo's at 4 o’clock one day and they arrived at my door the next morning at 11am. I paid for normal shipping, not overnight. Their emails are signed “With love, the Customer Loyalty Team”. When you make my life this easy, love is an appropriate emotion.
* During carpool at our daughter’s school, a teacher loves to surprise the drivers and any traveling companions. Ms. Haigler hands out dog biscuits and tootsie roll pops. I love when she is working the carpool line.

It doesn’t take much to surprise your customers because most companies don’t even try. Be different. Surprise them and create a positive memorable experience.

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