Monday, February 8, 2010

Show Your Love for the Customer

As Valentine’s Day approaches, it is a great time to ask if your customers are “feeling the love?” Most of the same principles that make for a healthy personal relationship apply to your customer relationships.

Here are some thoughts to create an emotional connection with your customers –

1. Customers want a real relationship – one that is mutually beneficial. Loyalty happens when the experience connects them to you. They may be your customer today but if you are not engaging them in a proactive manner then their loyalty is up for grabs.

2. Customers want you to talk to them and must be able to talk to you via their preferred way. Make it easy. Is your 800 number on everything? Stop hiding. Two way communication is required. Listen, listen and then listen some more.

3. Think and fret over their needs. Show your concern and train your team to be empathetic. Look at processes and ask along the touch-points, what is important to our customer?

4. Show the love. Recognize and reward loyalty. Call them and thank them, acknowledge their years of business, send out a unique and customized gift – the idea is to do something that is unexpected to renew the relationship.

You know you shouldn’t wait for a special day to show your love, however Valentine’s Day provides a great excuse. Customer loyalty is fleeting. You must prove yourself with each transaction - one that connects and engages the customer.

Start showing some love!

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