Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just figure it out!

I was in charge of planning the recent meeting of my Mastermind group. Our group of 8 speakers and authors has been meeting three times a year for 13 years. This meeting was held here in Atlanta and happened to be on the night of the Super Bowl.

I had arranged for us to meet at the Atlanta Airport Hilton and eat that evening at their restaurant, Andiamo. They agreed to bring in a TV so we could enjoy good food and the game. I took a break from the afternoon meeting to visit the restaurant and confirm our 6:15 arrival. The manager informed me that no cable was available in the dining room. I had spoken to him personally the night before and had been assured all was set. However I was double teamed quickly, he and the food and beverage manager immediately offered me 3 options. All involved setting up tables in unusual places with the required television – all were creative and acceptable choices. We chose the concierge lounge where tables were set beautifully and menus were ready at kickoff. Steven, a server and bartender from Andiamo, arrived to care of us. He was personable, fun, had opinions about the menu and the game. Steven knew we were set to enjoy our evening and he matched our mood. Andiamo offered complimentary appetizers and desserts due to the surprise change of plans.

Here’s the lesson –

When things aren’t what the customer expects, just figure it out -- fast. This was not really a recovery situation as the team never let it meltdown. They had anticipated and planned options. They provided the right person, Steven, to deliver exceptional service. Next time you face a disappointed customer or soon to be disappointed customer, what will you do to “just figure it out”?

By the way, have I told you about Steven lately?

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